We give our honest opinion about what should be changed or improved.

  • We defend our principles and ethical standards.
  • We honestly express our own limitations when performing a job and are able to recognize our true individual contribution to the collective work.
  • In case of any problems, we give an opinion that does not contradict internally what we believe.


  • We give adequate importance to the work, but we know that it is not the sole important feature.
  • We trust the people making up this team and we are faithful and honourable to them by seeking the common good.
  • We give our honest opinion about what should be changed or improved in ALEMANY, ESCALONA & DE FUENTES.


  • Our professional ethics commits us to give our clients: high quality at reasonable prices and the best possible humane treatment; this is the way to make them to trust us.
  • We are a group of people concerned about the problems of the society in which we live, and we want to help to resolve them to the extent of our possibilities by promoting policies for the common good.


If one believes in what is doing, clients will believe it as well.

  • We make that every day this Firm may be the best choice for our professionals, through an attractive and flexible project that takes into account the personal situation and development prospects of all of us in ALEMANY, ESCALONA & DE FUENTES.
  • We believe that what we do something that fulfils us and makes us to evolve, we like our profession. We promote with enthusiasm and excitement this organizational project of which we are a part.
  • We know how to convey to our clients our enthusiasm for what we do, “If one believes in what is doing, clients will believe it as well.”

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We strive to achieve the expected targets.


  • We make our best efforts to achieve the scheduled targets by optimizing the resources we invest in each project.
  • We are patient when we delegate. We try to assign the time required for the work to be carried out without strain, as far as possible, and for each person to be able to plan their work independently, in compliance with the deadlines.
  • We maintain an alert and proactive attitude to anticipate and prevent any possible malfunctions.


  • We try to be accurate in the approach to the proposed consultation and in our advice we provide to our clients.
  • We dedicate the necessary time to our clients, we make them aware that they are working with the best professional team for their overall needs, and we offer them an exclusive technical and humane treatment.


We are prepared to provide high quality services to our clients.

  • We have a solid preparation which is evidenced in the technical quality of the advice we offer to our clients.
  • We encourage the intellectual and personal development of all members of the Firm. We actively promote training.
  • Everyone in this Firm, in our various areas of responsibility, is ready to offer high quality services to our clients, whether domestic or foreign.
  • We become involved in the projects and show the greatest interest and perseverance. We maintain an attitude of excellence.


We, the people in this joint project, “lend us a hand”.

  • We respect each and every one of the people who make up the “value chain” of this Firm. We acknowledge the work of others and receive demonstration that our work is also valued.
  • We are able to put ourselves in the place of another one to try to offer help both professionally and in personal situations.
  • We, the people making up this joint project, “lend us a hand”: we share our knowledge, learn from each other, encourage multidisciplinary connection, dialogue among us, encourage ourselves during tough times and resolve the problems amicably.
  • We help to create a good environment to feel comfortable, both with regard to interpersonal relationships and ensuring the maximum comfort of the Firm.