ALEMANY, ESCALONA & DE FUENTES is a Firm of independent professionals formed by a group of lawyers with legal and economic training and with the necessary expertise to provide their clients, both domestic and international, with comprehensive quality legal advice in Business Law.

The Firm was founded in 1993 by José Ignacio Bellido Alemany as a specialized firm in tax matters, expanding its areas of practice to the business field at the end of that same year, to labour field in 2002, and to procedural field in 2006.

In April 2006, José Antonio Escalona de Molina joins the Business Law area, and in 2012 the legal services are extended to the area of Public Law with the incorporation of Joaquín de Fuentes Bardají to the Firm, going on to be called ALEMANY, ESCALONA & DE FUENTES.

At present it has more than 20 lawyers and five areas of practice, and, since its inception, has opted for providing advice of high technical quality and with a high level of service. To achieve this objective, many of the Firm’s lawyers are involved in academic activities.

The Firm follows its project of multidisciplinary legal advice, aimed at covering the main areas of business of its clients by its commitment to providing counsel of high technical quality with a high level of service.

In addition, the Firm provides added value to the client in form of: quality, experience, independence, ethics, flexibility, speed of response, closeness, integrity, commitment, trust, innovation and enthusiasm.