Further “adjustments” after employment reform

Royal Decree-Law 16/2013, of December 20, on measures to benefit the stable employment and to improve the employability of workers

The Cabinet has approved on December 20, 2013 the Royal Decree-Law on improvement of stable employment and employability of workers (the “RD-L”).

This RD-L, in line with Act 3/2012, of 6 July (the “Employment Reform”), that favoured the adoption of internal flexibility by firms, raises measures on working time seeking the promotion of stable employment, employability of workers and flexibility of work organization. The rule adopted by the Government, as published in the State Official Gazette of December 21, applies from the day following its publication and seeks primarily to boost (i) the system of part-time employment, (ii) the contract of support to entrepreneurs, and (iii) the trainees’ contracting (…)


Bill on Public Healthcare Companies of the Social Security

Furthermore, the Cabinet also approved on December 20, 2013 the bill on public healthcare companies of the Social Security. The private healthcare companies may request the discharge of the worker, although the physician of the Public Health Service shall decide. Thus, the private healthcare companies may make, as it is currently happening, a proposal of “motivated” medical discharge.